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Sydney Schoenbeck

Sydney Schoenbeck

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I have been riding my whole life; I first sat on a horse when I was three months old.

I enjoy being a counselor because I get to teach the girls how to ride, and create the games that we play. I like to do things with the campers like swimming, movie night, campfires, and so much more.

Some of my favorite things that we do at camp is ride the Connemaras, which are a native pony of Ireland. It is great to just be able to get on and go have fun on a bunch of trails on a hot sunny day. I also love the games. One of the games are on ponies and there are teams. It is always a blast! I really like waking up in the cabin and getting ready to for the day. Sometimes if we wake up early enough we get to see a beautiful sunrise. Then walking to the house with everybody to fill up our stomachs with a delicious breakfast and after that going to feed the ponies. I'm so excited for more fun times at camp.

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